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646f9e108c Now in charge of the Gotham State Pen, Ma Parker and her jailhouse full of criminal cohorts use it as their base of operations. No one suspects jailed prisoners of the crimes, but a clue picked up by Batman and Robin may lead them right to Ma's whereabouts.
When the Dynamic Duo realizes Ma Parker has seized control of the Gotham Penitentiary, they must get in to stop her.
"Ma Parker" sees Shelley Winters' title character now in charge of the penitentiary, Warden Crichton (David Lewis, in his third appearance) helpless to prevent the Batmobile from blowing up at 65 mph. Fortunately, the Caped Crusader recalled an odd comment from the suspicious trusty (James Griffith) about the warden speeding at 70mph, something that Batman knows he'd never do. When the bomb explodes, Ma and her brood of 3 boys and one girl celebrate, a bit prematurely, but with the prison the perfect hideout a new crime wave begins in Gotham City, no one daring to look for the culprits already behind bars. Milton Berle has a cameo as a prison guard (only 48 more years before parole!), but it's luscious Julie Newmar who captivates in an unbilled Catwoman sighting, lamenting that The Joker and The Penguin remain in solitary confinement for refusing to acknowledge Ma Parker as the one in charge. No other arch criminals get a mention, with Ma's boys meeting their match after the Dynamic Duo foil a plot to perish in the electric chair at midnight. The indomitable Shelley Winters proved to be a fine choice for this one shot two parter, which led to the more dramatic challenge of starring as the real Ma Barker in the 1970 "Bloody Mama," directed by Roger Corman, where her boys were played by Clint Kimbrough, Robert Walden, Don Stroud, and Robert De Niro.
While Ma Parker is a great comedic take off on the real bank robbers of the 1930&#39;s, the script here is a little weak. Shelly Winters does have a lot of fun with the role and there are some great moments to make up for the script.<br/><br/>Milton Berle (Uncle Miltie) appears as a guard who is a con, and only has 48 years until he gets parole. This is really funny and look at it now as he would have made it in 2014, with time off for batty behavior possibly. This kind of reminds me about the great strides made recently on Climate Change Agreements which do not take effect until 2050. Of course news reports report these agreements with a straight face, but this kind of stuff is the ultimate bull. It is a funny thing.<br/><br/>Barkers 3 boys and 1 girl are quite the gang, as this conclusion episode ha them take over the jail to use to plunder Gotham City. If not for the dynamic duo, who knows what would have happened.<br/><br/>One more memorable moment has a cameo by Cat Woman at the prison, after Robin makes the statement that Barkers Daughters Legs remind him of Cat Womans. Meow, the cameo is purrfect, again.

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