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The Shikaar

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646f9e108c Sree Nath falls in love with a poor woman and both get intimate, resulting in her getting pregnant. When the time comes for Sree to marry her, he renounces her and instead marries the daughter of wealthy Mr. Saxena. She gives birth to a boy, Vikram, and shortly thereafter passes away. Sree's step-brothers, Badri and Kedar, move in with Sree, and soon his health starts to deteriorate. They hire a nurse to look after him, but he keeps on getting worse. Then he gets more bad news when the police inform him that Vikram has killed an orphanage manager and is on the run from the police. Then a policeman is killed and CBI Inspector Tirandaz is assigned to track Vikram and he does arrest Vikram, who denies ever killing anyone. Then finally a clue emerges - the killer is wearing a false eye. The doctor who has performed this surgery is Dr. Philips, but he too is killed before Tirandaz can get to him, and the person who was with the doctor is none other than Vikram himself. The question remains: Is Vikram telling the truth? If yes, who is the real killer, and what exactly was his/her motive in framing Vikram?

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